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My Hair Story with Sassoon last year saw me play with many different hues – I went back to my “roots” literally as I started the year off with dark brown hair, then slowly ended up as a blonde again.


I learned how damaging heat and the sun is for hair and I learned to protect my hair. I also kept my length and became “known” for my curled hair. The most asked question I get is “How do you curl my hair?”. I use a simple wand and don’t use any product. I also tested lots of shampoos and keep going back to salon brands for my hair (with the exception of hair thickening shampoo).

When Sassoon asked me to come back as an influencer this year it was an easy Yes. You see I had become a regular client. I loved the experience at Sassoon and my hair looked amazing.

What would my hair story be for 2018? Well so far its toning of the blonde. I am going to continue being a blonde – just not as bright. My first Sassoon visit of 2018 saw me meet with a new colourist (for me) John. We discussed what I wanted (to stay blonde) but I also asked him for his opinion. We decided that I would tone down the blonde and add a more sandy shade. This would decrease the bleach colour and give my hair a rest.  I also had a treatment to moisturize my colour treated hair.

When John was done with me it was time to see Tricia. We talked about the condition of my hair. She told me that given that I dye it blonde and curl it the ends were in pretty good shape. I didn’t want to cut off too much length and she said we didn’t have too. We would keep the long layers and my part wasn’t moving from the middle. I am going to keep growing my hair for 2018. I think that will be the big change for me.

Below are the latest photos of me with my hair freshly cut and styled.


What about you? Are you planning anything new for your hair?

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