Sep 122017
Green Lace

I wore this green lace jumpsuit from Club Monaco (here, here & here) on Cityline last week. I love this jumpsuit. It’s the colour, a rich green and it’s lace. Green is also one of my favourite colours to pair with leopard print. I knew I would be wearing it with my leopard print pumps. [Read more…]

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Sep 112017
Morning Glory Pants & a Night Out

These pants are called Morning Glory Pants. I didn’t buy them for the name but I would have. Outfit Details: Pants, Ann Taylor (Canada here, US here) || Top, Ann Taylor (Canada here, US here) || Shoes, Manolo Blahnik (similar here) The weather might be cooling down but there is still lots of time to [Read more…]

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Sep 062017
Reitman's Really #ReitmansReally

You all know how much I love fashion and clothing. Now having said that I don’t have the easiest time finding clothes. I am a woman who is six feet tall. The average woman is 5’4″ and the average man is 5’9″. I am 8 inches taller then the average woman and 3 inches taller [Read more…]

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Jul 202017
paisley print

Outfit Details – Dress, LOFT (Canada here, US here) || Shoes, Ferragamo (old) || Handbag, Tory Burch (Canada here, US here) SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Jul 172017
Hair Care w/ Sassoon & a Giveaway

I’ve been blogging about my hair and colour journey this year with Sassoon (here). I started out with a really dark and rich brown in the winter and have ended it with great blonde highlights for the summer. I’ve grown my hair over the last year and like this past the shoulder length. Today is [Read more…]

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Jul 122017
cold shoulder LBD

The cold shoulder trend isn’t going anywhere. I love this dress and tops like it because I can wear a bra. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Outfit Details: Dress, Cece (old, similar here, here & here) || Shoes, Ann Taylor (old, great options here & here) || Clutch, Channel. SaveSave

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Jul 102017
Stripes & Red

It’s summer and that means blue and white stripes. Blue and white is one of my favourite colour combinations because your third colour can be almost anything. Today my added colour is red. Stripes & Red. Now I am going to apologize about the top. It is sold out. I bought it in May and [Read more…]

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Jul 022017
Black, Red & Leopard Print

Lots of sales going on and sharing some from this red, black and leopard print look. Jacket, Reiss (on sale here, UK here) || Sweater, WHBM (sold out, great options here) || Skirt, Banana Republic (on sale Canadian here, US here, UK here) || Shoes, JCrew (old, similar here, here ) || Bag, Dolce & Gabbana [Read more…]

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Jun 302017
Red for Canada

Canada is celebrating a birthday this Saturday – 150 years. My family and I have a few things planned (but it’s supposed to really rain all weekend so a few things could change). In homage to Canada Day I’m pulling out my favourite wide leg red pants. Hoping everyone has a great weekend and Happy [Read more…]

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Jun 282017
red, white and blue

Red, white and blue is a favourite colour combination of mine for the summer. It’s nautical and if done right is subtle and not too much try. Outfit details – Top, Ann Taylor (here) || Pants, Ann Taylor (here) || Shoes, Ann Taylor (here) || Bag, Dolce & Gabanna. SaveSave

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