Jul 022013
Summer is Officially Underway

School is out, Canada has been celebrated and now the real work starts…entertaining the kids before they go back to school. Well, not really entertain them (they need to figure that on their own), but have some stuff planned. To be honest, I don’t have much planned for the kids. We were supposed to be [Read more…]

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Apr 182013
Rowenta Versa Style & Chambray

When I attended World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) my favourite booth was easily the one sponsored by Rowenta Beauty. Now I know about Rowenta because I own one of their garment steamers. I keep it in my bedroom next to my bed and I’ve owned it for 8 years and bought one for my mother [Read more…]

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Feb 282013

We really need some – weather in Toronto has been erratic at best. So when I saw this beautiful yellow peplum sweater at Banana Republic I just couldn’t resist. It reminds me of spring and summer and I’m sure we could all use some sunshine on days like these. This is the last post featuring [Read more…]

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Feb 212013

It is cold, wet and windy. Perfect for blogging pictures outside! Lately I have been loving Banana Republic and The Gap. The colours, styles and fits have just worked for me. I love their on-line stores – lots of on-line exclusives and easy return policy. The Gap could do a course on easy return policy [Read more…]

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Feb 192013
A Peak into Spring

I LOVE NAUTICAL STRIPES, in case you were wondering. When Fashion Magazine challenged us to style stripes (excluding the typical striped top) I knew I would be wearing this blazer. I think of navy as a neutral and knew this blazer could be easily incorporated into my wardrobe. I wanted to wear some colour and [Read more…]

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Jan 222013
Every Girl Needs A Coat

Fur is a sensitive subject, to some individuals (and organizations) it is very black and white. Very few things in life are black and white. I am not going to discuss fur and the ethics associated with it. That is for a different blog. I am going to say that I just love this coat. [Read more…]

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Jan 182013

One of my favourite things about winter is layering – adding colour and texture to an outfit makes up for the dreariness or cold of winter. When layering a dress and shirt just watch out for bunching and extra bulk around the mid-section. Plus the dress riding up and showing all your best parts. 😉 [Read more…]

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Dec 172012
Lilla P- Tailored for a Casual Lifestyle

Whenever a clothing company approaches me to work with them I feel like Sally Fields “You like me, you really like me!”. Sometimes the collaboration doesn’t work, and then there are times when everything is seamless…introducing Lilla P. In 1998 the line started as a collection of essential tees and then expanded to include jackets, [Read more…]

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Dec 162012
Chunky Knits & Banana Republic

I’ve been glued to my television trying to understand the tragedy in Sandy Hook. I’ve prayed and mourned for the families affected and have been hugging my children tight. Everything else has seemed so trivial. Life will get back to normal especially with the Christmas holiday season in full swing, however, a piece of the [Read more…]

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Nov 272012
Hell Just Froze Over...

I’m wearing a poncho and I like it. So yes, hell must have frozen over because I hate ponchos, except for this one. This one is from Banana Republic. It is a beautiful knit, keeps me warm and looks good. That’s the thing…it LOOKS GOOD. The people at BR are calling it a cape, it is [Read more…]

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