Jan 152018
New Hair for the New Year

My Hair Story with Sassoon last year saw me play with many different hues – I went back to my “roots” literally as I started the year off with dark brown hair, then slowly ended up as a blonde again.   I learned how damaging heat and the sun is for hair and I learned [Read more…]

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Oct 272017
My Viviscal Journey with the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range

If you have been a long time reader you know that I have good hair. It’s thick and grows quickly. It can hold a curl and I don’t have to wash it for at least 3 day. The texture of my hair has been off lately though. I went back to blonde in and spent [Read more…]

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Jul 172017
Hair Care w/ Sassoon & a Giveaway

I’ve been blogging about my hair and colour journey this year with Sassoon (here). I started out with a really dark and rich brown in the winter and have ended it with great blonde highlights for the summer. I’ve grown my hair over the last year and like this past the shoulder length. Today is [Read more…]

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Jun 042017
It's only hair - this time it's blonde

My hair journey has taken another turn with Sassoon Toronto. With this new year I went back to my roots and darkened my hair as close to my natural colour as possible. I love dark hair for the winter months, plus my hair needed a break from the bleach highlights that helped me become a [Read more…]

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Mar 312017

My latest video is up and I’m reviewing CND Vinylux and Essie Gel Courture nail polish. I’m proud of this video because I filmed it and edited it myself which scared the pants off me. Hope you enjoy the video and give me a like and subscribe if you want more. Have a great weekend!

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Mar 292017
Lighten up w/ @SassoonToronto

Spring is here, the sun is out (at the moment I am typing this) and my hair is lighter! No, not dramatic blonde bombshell lighter. Some will even ask “It’s lighter?”. For proof click here. I had all over caramel blonde highlights added and more layers but they were kept long. I want to ease into a [Read more…]

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Jan 312017
Time for a Change w/ @SassoonToronto

I’ve told you before that I have good hair – it’s thick, can hold a curl or colour, easy to style and grows fast. Now I’ve been colouring it for decades and I’m not afraid to change it up (blonde to dark brown without a flutter of fear) but all that changing it up has [Read more…]

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Sep 232015
eMatrix Sublative Rejuvination - SpaMedica

While I was undergoing my regular treatments at SpaMedica I met with Dr. Mullholand and we discussed my results. He was very happy with how everything was progressing and we discussed trying an extra treatment – Sublative Rejuvenation by eMatrix. A supplemental treatment for me at this point in my regime but an alternative option [Read more…]

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Aug 312015
Fractional 1540 Laser

When I was discussing my treatment needs with SpaMedica we talked about how unreliable my schedule was and we decided to try a treatment a week, my third treatment (which completes an entire facial cycle) was the Fractional 1540 laser resurfacing treatment (or Fraxel) which was the most intense treatment of the three. This post [Read more…]

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Aug 142015
My Viviscal Journey & Contest

My Viviscal Journey started over 8 months ago when I was asked to be one of their brand ambassadors. As I mentioned in an earlier post I was hesitant to start the program because I have naturally thick hair and Viviscal is primarily used for thicker fuller looking hair. I didn’t want to mislead any readers. When [Read more…]

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