Feb 212013

It is cold, wet and windy. Perfect for blogging pictures outside! Lately I have been loving Banana Republic and The Gap. The colours, styles and fits have just worked for me. I love their on-line stores – lots of on-line exclusives and easy return policy. The Gap could do a course on easy return policy [Read more…]

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Oct 252012
A Twist

When I like something (like my sequin Joe Fresh top & blue button down combo) I will automatically try and play with those piece to make multiple outfits. I know I’m not the only one who does that, I can’t be. I changed out the pants ant blazer and played with colour this post -last [Read more…]

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Oct 232012
Daytime Sequin

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, it is one of my favourite things to mine. I can get home decor ideas or plan a kids birthday party. Pinterest is my favourite inspirational tool. My favourite pinner right now is Sarah Hubert from Sarah Hubert’s Style – a lifestyle blog. Sarah recently gave me a [Read more…]

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Oct 112012
British Casual Fridays

I don’t know where the title came from, I just feel very British. Like I need to be in the country or something, at Downton. Except without the heels. With the heels I think this is a great look for the office on a Friday or running around doing errands and then going for lunch [Read more…]

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Sep 262012
Python Leather Skirt - OMG Love it!

So yesterday I was telling you how I’m a fancy dresser and this post is how I would dress if I had a fancy job (or what I’ll be wearing to functions that call for business attire with my husband, church or Croatian Folklore Banquets). I’m not saying that leather python skirts are appropriate everywhere [Read more…]

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Jul 052012
Still Working - In Blue this Time

Hello Everyone! It’s been too long, I was in NYC over the weekend for a family wedding and my husband had to work for two days of the mini-break so it was just me and the kids. I had lofty goals of taking pictures in all my outfits and posting but I didn’t take a [Read more…]

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Jun 272012
Working Girls Wednesdays

When my little guy has a great nap I go through my closet and figure out what to wear and post on this blog, sometimes the outfits work and sometimes they don’t. I try and keep key pieces (same top different bottoms or vice versa) consistent that way I know how versatile the articles of [Read more…]

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Jun 252012
Denim Tunic

To be completely honest I really would love to buy a Tory Burch tunic, they are my favourite, one day…the first time I wore this tunic (styled exactly the same way) my mother and sister thought it was Tory’s. I wish, no this is Joe Fresh at it’s best. Tunic – Joe Fresh (old) Denim [Read more…]

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Jun 182012
Mundane Mondays - Nautical Ease

The Mundane is back and it’s always easy, because its Monday and I have a sick child at home with me. Blue and white is easy summer dressing. I know some will see the white jeans and think “four kids and white what a disaster!!”. Sometimes it is, but I like to wear them so [Read more…]

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Jun 122012
For My Working Moms

I love pencil skirts and I think all working girls (get your head out of the gutter if its gone there) should own one good pencil skirt regardless of their size. Black, navy or grey are the basics and then after that whatever colour you want! Simple colour blocking and I added pattern with the [Read more…]

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