Apr 042012
Stripes - Mix and Match

When we purchase an article of clothing I think the end goal is to be able to wear it with multiple items in our closet. I’m not saying I always do that, but again that’s the end goal. So here is another striped top styled with two different bottoms. I’ve already attained my goal and [Read more…]

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Mar 262012
Mundane Mondays - Power Shopping

I am going to try something new – posting some easy dressing ideas and calling it Mundane Mondays. Easy things to wear when doing all that glam mom stuff…let me know what you think. We had unseasonably warm weather during March break (and the following week) in south western Ontario. I was able to head [Read more…]

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Mar 232012
BBQ Dilemma - What To Wear?

My husband and I had some amazing BBQ last year in Syracuse, New York, at Dinosaur BBQ (my brother-in-law Andrija pushed us there). So if I get a whiff of another BBQ place close to where ever I am I HAVE to try it. Last month it was Smoke & Spice in Windsor – absolutely [Read more…]

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