Apr 102013
Meetings & PR Events - What to Wear?

When I started this blog it was a creative outlet to share what I was wearing with other women. A year later I’m being invited to PR events, attending Fashion Week, working with publications like QMI Agency (Sun Media) and taking meetings with different retailers/fashion lines. So what’s a girl to wear? Depends on the [Read more…]

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Mar 122013
March Break - Camo Option #1

I first saw Camo jeans at Zara and thought they would be loads of fun to wear, however, height is often NOT my clothing friend. They were far too short on me and I left wishing tall girls had more choice. Fast forward a year later and I found a pair of tall friendly camo [Read more…]

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Feb 282013

We really need some – weather in Toronto has been erratic at best. So when I saw this beautiful yellow peplum sweater at Banana Republic I just couldn’t resist. It reminds me of spring and summer and I’m sure we could all use some sunshine on days like these. This is the last post featuring [Read more…]

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Feb 212013

It is cold, wet and windy. Perfect for blogging pictures outside! Lately I have been loving Banana Republic and The Gap. The colours, styles and fits have just worked for me. I love their on-line stores – lots of on-line exclusives and easy return policy. The Gap could do a course on easy return policy [Read more…]

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Feb 192013
A Peak into Spring

I LOVE NAUTICAL STRIPES, in case you were wondering. When Fashion Magazine challenged us to style stripes (excluding the typical striped top) I knew I would be wearing this blazer. I think of navy as a neutral and knew this blazer could be easily incorporated into my wardrobe. I wanted to wear some colour and [Read more…]

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Jul 302012
Mundane Mondays - Yellow Again

I know I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with the Olympics…GO CANADA GO…GO CROATIA GO…just a quick shout out before we begin talking about what I’m wearing…oh one more thing before we get to me, what are your opinions on the Team Uniforms? Did Ralph Lauren do well with dressing the Americans? I was [Read more…]

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May 312012
Back to Reality - Blazers & Denim

No more soaring temperatures. Morning was nice and fresh and the afternoon has been beautiful, dressing accordingly. I purchased a new tripod from Henry’s so the pictures I take are/will be better! No more cheap tripod and 3 big toy buckets (the cheap tripod is not tall enough so I had to balance it on [Read more…]

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May 302012
Ann Taylor Skirt - Heat Wave is Over

So yesterday was supposed to be the last day of the May heat wave that hit southern Ontario. So (I think) this may be my last “heat wave” post. As Ann Taylor is coming to Toronto I decided to celebrate by showcasing my new skirt from there. Like I stated yesterday I prefer to wear [Read more…]

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May 292012
Heat Wave - Banana Republic Shorts

Its been hot in Toronto – I am wondering what happened to spring? I’m not the only one, the weather has become the top news story for many in Toronto and southwestern Ontario. I’m not complaining (it’s supposed to end tomorrow) just enjoying the little gift we’ve been given. This summer I’m going to try [Read more…]

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