Jun 032013
Monday Morning Cargo's

When these J Brand cargos first came out a few years ago I was smitten with them. Loved the cut and idea of skinny cargos because cargo pants are known to add bulk to our thighs but there was something feminine and sexy at the same time about these. I wore them a lot and [Read more…]

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Dec 192012
Fair Isle Fun

I am really enjoying fair isle sweaters, something about me in a ski chalet hanging out. Now I went skiing this year, in February, while I was in Banff. I hadn’t skied in 20 years and just got up one morning and decided I would go skiing alone while my husband was in a series of [Read more…]

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Dec 102012
There's No Place Like Home...

If only it was as easy as clicking our heels three times… If you have some time please pop over to “Ava Grace’s Closet“where I was interviewed by fellow blogger and Mama Susan. We didn’t realize we were long lost sisters and blogging has brought us together. Susan has asked some pretty tough questions and [Read more…]

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Oct 252012
A Twist

When I like something (like my sequin Joe Fresh top & blue button down combo) I will automatically try and play with those piece to make multiple outfits. I know I’m not the only one who does that, I can’t be. I changed out the pants ant blazer and played with colour this post -last [Read more…]

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Oct 222012
Mundane Monday's - Black & Grey

I’d like to start today’s post by thanking everyone for their kind words from Friday’s post especially Sue and The Flaky Fashionista for making me feel better about my cooking skills. Last week lots of things went wrong, when I wrote the post late Thursday evening I didn’t realize there could be more things that [Read more…]

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Oct 182012
I feel Scholarly - Purple Jeans

Firstly, thank you Beth Goodrham from Style Guile for featuring myself and 3 other bloggers (Avril being one) for a piece she wrote for here Brit Mums Blog. I am among some very chic women bloggers.  I was very honoured you chose me because I want to be like you (and Avril) when I grow up my blog. [Read more…]

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Aug 292012
Vince Vest - Official Canadian Women's Fall Outfit

The title is what would happen in my fantasy world, if we could all wear what I said. Come on admit it, most of you agree with me. I just think this screams Canadian Fall Perfection and it looks amazing. Carriage Trade can do no wrong for me. Can we all agree that the shoes [Read more…]

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Aug 282012
Vince Blazer - Leather is Back!

I love leather, I have been in love with it since I was 13. Yes 13, it was when I got my first leather jacket. Now leather is huge again!! So here I am featuring a leather Vince blazer, paired with dark purple J Brand jeans and a Tilo scarf. Kathleen from Carriage Trade styled [Read more…]

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Aug 272012
Smythe Blazer

Today is the first of five posts showcasing some of my favourite looks from Carriage Trade Boutique. Why do I love Carriage Trade? The obvious reason is the clothing – great selection of fashionable clothing. The best reason is the service, the sales staff is all about service. They can outfit you for a casual [Read more…]

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Apr 162012
Mundane Mondays - Don't Shoot The Messenger

A boring white tee and a pair of light denim, add a cognac coloured messenger bag and great wedges. T-shirt – Kersh, Jeans – J Brand, Messenger Bag – H&M (borrowed), Wedges – Michael Kors, Sunglasses – Ray Ban

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