Oct 252012
A Twist

When I like something (like my sequin Joe Fresh top & blue button down combo) I will automatically try and play with those piece to make multiple outfits. I know I’m not the only one who does that, I can’t be. I changed out the pants ant blazer and played with colour this post -last [Read more…]

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Sep 072012
Red White and Blue Part 2 - The Flip

I don’t know what this says about me, too many blazers and coloured denim? Is that even possible? Don’t ask my husband or kum Nick or even Dan (insert almost any other male in place of the ones I’ve chosen). On a personal note, unfortunately I am not able to be at two places at [Read more…]

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Sep 042012
Back to School - YEAH!!!!

It’s the most wonderful day of the year…back to school. I will miss the summer and I will miss my children but mommy needs the “kids go back to school time”. So nothing is better than a school boy blazer and yellow pants. Still wearing the sun. I hope that back to school went smoothly [Read more…]

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Jul 252012
Neon Pink & Prints - 101st Post!

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. When we were in church my husband mouthed something to me, I thought it was to complain about the behaviour of our sons, it was “I love what you’re wearing”. Mixing neon’s or brights can be difficult, the easiest thing to do is to pair them with [Read more…]

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Jun 272012
Working Girls Wednesdays

When my little guy has a great nap I go through my closet and figure out what to wear and post on this blog, sometimes the outfits work and sometimes they don’t. I try and keep key pieces (same top different bottoms or vice versa) consistent that way I know how versatile the articles of [Read more…]

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Jun 222012
Anchors Away - J Crew Anchor Top

TGIF – except for the fact that my two oldest boys are sick and missing school. I’m hoping the weekend   helps with their recovery. I purchased this top at J Crew in NYC a couple of weeks ago and love the anchor print. Navy and white is so versatile so I just paired it [Read more…]

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Jun 192012
What I was going to Wear...

I was planning to meet up with fellow MumNet & MumVet leaders from the west end of Toronto (MumNet is an amazing organization that is located across the city of Toronto and I’ve attached a link in case anyone is interested), my daughter was ill and I stayed home with her and just comforted her. [Read more…]

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Jun 132012
Blue & Green - Again

I can’t help it when I like something, I just like it to death…proof here and here and now again with this post. I can’t be the only one…right? I originally wore this outfit without a belt and then when I saw the pictures I promptly went indoors and added one. The top picture looks [Read more…]

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May 312012
Back to Reality - Blazers & Denim

No more soaring temperatures. Morning was nice and fresh and the afternoon has been beautiful, dressing accordingly. I purchased a new tripod from Henry’s so the pictures I take are/will be better! No more cheap tripod and 3 big toy buckets (the cheap tripod is not tall enough so I had to balance it on [Read more…]

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May 142012
Nautical - J Crew Navy Blazer & Green Skirt

In one of my first posts I talked about how much I love nautical…well I channeled that love for my mother’s day outfit this past Sunday. I took a striped t-shirt from Joe Fresh and built a fun outfit around it. The best part was the hit of colour with the green skirt. On Saturday [Read more…]

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