Oct 192012
One of those Weeks

It has been one of those weeks – things are just going wrong. I made a horrible dinner, kids having school issues, broken furniture and just a general feeling of disarray. I can’t wait for the weekend. The outfit today is easy, I’m afraid to try anything else. Here’s hoping that next week is better [Read more…]

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Oct 122012
British Casual Weekend

Now I am ready for the British Countryside. I left my heels & blazer in the closet and got my boots & sweater (Hunters would be perfect but I don’t own a pair). Yesterday I played around with my clothes, showing slight variations of an outfit till I got it just right. I think most [Read more…]

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Oct 112012
British Casual Fridays

I don’t know where the title came from, I just feel very British. Like I need to be in the country or something, at Downton. Except without the heels. With the heels I think this is a great look for the office on a Friday or running around doing errands and then going for lunch [Read more…]

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Oct 102012
Surprise! - This is What I Wore

My girlfriend had a surprise birthday luncheon with her close girlfriends – best surprise ever – her birthday is in November, luncheon end of September. The look on her face was priceless! It is driving me crazy that this shirt is wrinkled!! I wore it to the party, got home and took the pictures. Missed [Read more…]

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Oct 092012
Farmer's Wife

I was going to call this post “Farmer’s Daughter” but I’m too old to be the “daughter”. I’m the wife, I’ve got the kids to prove it. Plus the whole age thing. My daughter had an ear infection and I needed to go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Casual chic it was. This post is for [Read more…]

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Sep 172012
Mundane Monday's - A Print

I am print averse. I don’t know why, I love prints, just not on my body. I am getting better at wearing prints in my old age and have featured a few summer prints. When I bought this blouse I was so proud of myself – a PRINT for fall! Now it may not seem [Read more…]

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Sep 102012
This is Me Doing Edgy

I’m not edgy, never have been, edgy is Sheree from “It’s not that deep”. I love edgy and how Sheree does it so effortlessly, wish I had more of it. However, I’m okay with that, I’m a classic dresser who follows a few trends a season. Now I do love the look of edgy and [Read more…]

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Sep 062012
Red White & Blue

Summer is still holding on, so nautical outfits still seem appropriate. I think most of us notice the weather change in the early morning and late evening as it cools down. I went to the grocery store & Costco yesterday morning and my son was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he was cold when [Read more…]

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Jul 232012
Mundane Mondays - Polka Dots

I just love easy and honestly nothing gets easier than this… Blouse – Madewell Jeans – James Jeans Shoes – Jimmy Choo Watch – Michael Kors Bracelets – Forever 21

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