Dec 052012
Exhausted but Having Fun with Flannel & Photoshop

I am tired – cleaning out my basement is driving me crazy…however, I get rid of lots of toys before Santa comes to clutter up my basement but again! The circle of life continues. Anyway wearing plaid with a pencil skirt. I think I look like a typical dressed up Canadian. We love our flannel [Read more…]

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Nov 072012
Coated Denim - Out on the Town

This weekend my best friend since childhood got married and I was the maid of honour. The wedding was beautiful, check out this video here to see what I mean (I’m the one doing all the hard work, zipping up the dress, fluffing the dress, drinking champagne etc.). The day before the wedding Christina and [Read more…]

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Oct 152012
Python Skirt & Purple Blouse

My husband and I joined a group of friends and went out to Rodney’s Oyster bar in downtown Toronto. I am never disappointed by that restaurant. We OD’d on oysters and split a Lobster BLT and lobster. Then we had dessert – chocolate mousse and carrot cake. We don’t get to go out for dinner [Read more…]

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Sep 282012
Fancy Python Pants

My husband does not like my python pants, he can tolerate them much more than a maxi skirt, but not his favourite look. He says they are loud, I say they are fun. My daughter got a pair of python pants as part of her back to school stash (hers are a sand colouring like [Read more…]

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Sep 272012
All Dressed Up In Python

Since I’m a fancy dresser I will be dressing up my python pieces because that’s just what I like to do. Here are the first two looks. I am literally sinking into the ground in these heels. First Look: Blazer – Banana Republic (old) Black Jeans – Second Denim Co. Blouse – Joe Fresh Shoes [Read more…]

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Sep 252012
A Python Blouse

I got this blouse from Joe Fresh. It was a gift, very much appreciated, except it stayed in my closet the entire summer because I forgot about it. When I finally remembered to find it I wore it when I took the kids to their swimming lessons. Honestly ladies, where else am I going to [Read more…]

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Sep 202012
Still Green - But Trying to be Sexy

You know how some men collect t-shirts, women shoes or handbags? Well I collect blazers. It started out accidentally, I fell in love with a store called Cassis and they had great and affordable blazers. So I purchased a few, then I got some from Joe Fresh, Banana Republic, Tall Girl, J Crew and then [Read more…]

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Aug 302012
Silk Blouse + Python = Date Night Or Girls Night Out

Carriage Trade is helping me get my pretty on. Blouses are everywhere and so are the price points and fabrications. To be quite honest, nothing says “woman” like a beautiful blouse, Joie did an amazing job of showcasing well cut and versatile blouses for women. Whether you are looking for brights or neutrals Joie did [Read more…]

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Aug 272012
Smythe Blazer

Today is the first of five posts showcasing some of my favourite looks from Carriage Trade Boutique. Why do I love Carriage Trade? The obvious reason is the clothing – great selection of fashionable clothing. The best reason is the service, the sales staff is all about service. They can outfit you for a casual [Read more…]

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May 152012
BCBG Teal Jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits (with alterations this was long enough) and I could not resist this colour. They had this great pair of mustard satin heels that worked beautifully with this outfit but I just could not justify buying shoes to wear with one outfit. Plus satin…I could not do it. 10 years ago I would [Read more…]

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