Jul 032013
LBD because of Vichy

When I am invited to PR events I get excited – it’s time to play dress up! No kids tugging or pulling on me, I’m not wiping up spilled milk (or anything really) or getting grease on my clothes because someone didn’t wash their hands or any. During Luminato, Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity [Read more…]

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Jun 032013
Monday Morning Cargo's

When these J Brand cargos first came out a few years ago I was smitten with them. Loved the cut and idea of skinny cargos because cargo pants are known to add bulk to our thighs but there was something feminine and sexy at the same time about these. I wore them a lot and [Read more…]

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May 312013
A Bit of Sparkle

I wore this outfit when I officially became part of the Yorkdale Mall Style Council. I walked around the mall happy…and then was stopped seven times and asked where I got my top…and blazer. Proud to say Tristan! Best part? The blazer is made in Canada. That’s all I have for tonight. I’m back on [Read more…]

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May 292013
Yellow Checks - Inspired by Louis Vuitton

This coat from Zara is inspired by the Louis Vuitton collection. I just love it and had to have it. I adore yellow and it cheers me up, especially during those dreary days like yesterday. I appreciate a clutch that also has a strap. I hate going to dinner parties where I have food in [Read more…]

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May 152013
Back in Black with Vivienne Kelly

When I received this hand-crafted, hand-painted statement necklace I knew that I wanted it to shine and be the focus of the outfit. I went back to black.  The detail and texture of this necklace make it special. I also loved the tasselled jewelry bag it came in! Top, Ann Taylor (old). Pants, Yoga Jeans. [Read more…]

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May 072013
Drop it Like It's Hot

The weather has been AMAZING!! I’ve been wearing maxi dresses and skirts all week. This one from Target is really long and really comfortable, except the criss cross top won’t stay closed (RIP Chris Kelly). I had to pin it shut, but not before I flashed every person at the Ecco Fall Preview. Jacket, Gap. [Read more…]

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Dec 162012
Chunky Knits & Banana Republic

I’ve been glued to my television trying to understand the tragedy in Sandy Hook. I’ve prayed and mourned for the families affected and have been hugging my children tight. Everything else has seemed so trivial. Life will get back to normal especially with the Christmas holiday season in full swing, however, a piece of the [Read more…]

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Dec 132012
What to Wear When Meeting Jeanne Beker - I Wish

On Tuesday I was invited to view EDIT by Jeanne Beker, now I know that Jeanne was not going to be there (not pretending I wasn’t praying she would decide to just show up and we would become fast friends) but I still had to make sure that I looked like we were old friends. [Read more…]

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Dec 102012
There's No Place Like Home...

If only it was as easy as clicking our heels three times… If you have some time please pop over to “Ava Grace’s Closet“where I was interviewed by fellow blogger and Mama Susan. We didn’t realize we were long lost sisters and blogging has brought us together. Susan has asked some pretty tough questions and [Read more…]

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Oct 112012
British Casual Fridays

I don’t know where the title came from, I just feel very British. Like I need to be in the country or something, at Downton. Except without the heels. With the heels I think this is a great look for the office on a Friday or running around doing errands and then going for lunch [Read more…]

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