Sep 192012
Green With Envy

This is the final shot of this outfit…I had to re-take the photos because I was not paying attention to the details. I’ll start with all the good things about this final outfit. I love this green blouse. I purchased it a Joe Fresh so it’s not going to break the bank and because it’s [Read more…]

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Sep 172012
Mundane Monday's - A Print

I am print averse. I don’t know why, I love prints, just not on my body. I am getting better at wearing prints in my old age and have featured a few summer prints. When I bought this blouse I was so proud of myself – a PRINT for fall! Now it may not seem [Read more…]

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Sep 132012
Quick, Dirty and Lazy Post

Now that I have your attention…when I was talking pictures yesterday I decided to switch out the jeans and add a maxi skirt. My husband hates maxi skirts so I try not to wear them around him. Not because I value his fashion opinion but because I don’t want to hear him complain about what [Read more…]

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