Mar 132015
Easter Outfit Pastels

Easter=Pastels, ever since I was a child that has always been the case when selecting the perfect Easter outfit. I have ventured from this as an adult but today’s post is coming full circle. I found this fabulous faux leather pencils skirt at Reitmans when I was searching for my perfect denim picks. I couldn’t [Read more…]

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Sep 042013
Work Florals

 I’m not saying this look is for everyone or every office. I just like how this floral blazer adds some fun to a very basic outfit. Yes, it is what I wore yesterday just topped off with the best florals from Zara. I’d also like to thank all the wonderful comments about yesterday’s post. Helen, [Read more…]

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Sep 032013
Falling In Style

Last month I changed the name and look of my blog. The reaction to the layout has been overwhelmingly positive. The new look is professional and inviting. It also shows everyone what I’ve been doing with my recently added “Press & Features” page and gives a snapshot of all my other social media apps. Now [Read more…]

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Aug 202013
Striped Pencil Skirt

I love pencil skirts, I have a large assortment in my closet. From basic navy and black to yellow lace, neon pink, polka dots, textured and stripes. For me they are feminine, practical and easy to wear. I usually wear them dressed up because my daily life is pretty casual. I don’t have an office [Read more…]

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May 012013
Put it in Neutral

I find mixing neutrals as difficult as mixing colours. Finding the right shade of ivory or blush to pair with this skirt was a welcome challenge. The skirt has a great pocket detail and a wonderful, yet very slight, hi/low hemline. These details make the skirt that much more special. The skirt is made of [Read more…]

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Dec 052012
Exhausted but Having Fun with Flannel & Photoshop

I am tired – cleaning out my basement is driving me crazy…however, I get rid of lots of toys before Santa comes to clutter up my basement but again! The circle of life continues. Anyway wearing plaid with a pencil skirt. I think I look like a typical dressed up Canadian. We love our flannel [Read more…]

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Nov 302012
Tristan Spring 2013 - Colour & Detail

Today’s post will feature Tristan’s 2013 Spring Line – it’s all about colour and detail. Love what the models are wearing, they were not only pretty but really nice. I have found a self belt that I can love and use again. Tristan is making me eat my words…good for them. Florals are still a [Read more…]

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