Nov 122012
Denim Pearls & Patent

A dress – this one is casual and denim. Easy. So I added pearls and a skinny patent belt. I have lots of skinny belt options. I had fun dressing it up a bit. I will be dressing it down in the future, but you know me. I’m fancy. Just a bit of a rant. [Read more…]

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Oct 252012
A Twist

When I like something (like my sequin Joe Fresh top & blue button down combo) I will automatically try and play with those piece to make multiple outfits. I know I’m not the only one who does that, I can’t be. I changed out the pants ant blazer and played with colour this post -last [Read more…]

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Oct 172012
A Hat

Today’s post is a big fat cheat. I already wore this outfit here (so if you remember this outfit you are not going crazy), then I remembered I wanted to take a picture of me wearing the hat. I re-shot the pictures with different jewelry and the hat. I love hats, I just don’t wear them [Read more…]

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Oct 092012
Farmer's Wife

I was going to call this post “Farmer’s Daughter” but I’m too old to be the “daughter”. I’m the wife, I’ve got the kids to prove it. Plus the whole age thing. My daughter had an ear infection and I needed to go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. Casual chic it was. This post is for [Read more…]

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Sep 262012
Python Leather Skirt - OMG Love it!

So yesterday I was telling you how I’m a fancy dresser and this post is how I would dress if I had a fancy job (or what I’ll be wearing to functions that call for business attire with my husband, church or Croatian Folklore Banquets). I’m not saying that leather python skirts are appropriate everywhere [Read more…]

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Sep 252012
A Python Blouse

I got this blouse from Joe Fresh. It was a gift, very much appreciated, except it stayed in my closet the entire summer because I forgot about it. When I finally remembered to find it I wore it when I took the kids to their swimming lessons. Honestly ladies, where else am I going to [Read more…]

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Sep 202012
Still Green - But Trying to be Sexy

You know how some men collect t-shirts, women shoes or handbags? Well I collect blazers. It started out accidentally, I fell in love with a store called Cassis and they had great and affordable blazers. So I purchased a few, then I got some from Joe Fresh, Banana Republic, Tall Girl, J Crew and then [Read more…]

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Sep 192012
Green With Envy

This is the final shot of this outfit…I had to re-take the photos because I was not paying attention to the details. I’ll start with all the good things about this final outfit. I love this green blouse. I purchased it a Joe Fresh so it’s not going to break the bank and because it’s [Read more…]

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Sep 132012
Quick, Dirty and Lazy Post

Now that I have your attention…when I was talking pictures yesterday I decided to switch out the jeans and add a maxi skirt. My husband hates maxi skirts so I try not to wear them around him. Not because I value his fashion opinion but because I don’t want to hear him complain about what [Read more…]

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Aug 222012
Cool Down - Tanks & Cropped Denim

I can feel it cooling down, so can the rest of the city and I’m a little sad. There are only two months of summer here in Toronto and I’m greedy when it comes to summer weather. I don’t want a single second of it to be affected by any funny business, no weird wind [Read more…]

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