Oct 272017
My Viviscal Journey with the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Range

If you have been a long time reader you know that I have good hair. It’s thick and grows quickly. It can hold a curl and I don’t have to wash it for at least 3 day. The texture of my hair has been off lately though. I went back to blonde in and spent [Read more…]

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Oct 262017
Woven Hem Sweater Dress

Cool temperatures call for sweater dresses. I love this one from Joe Fresh a woven hem sweater dress – it’s a relaxed fit. This makes it easy to wear whenever you want, plus or minus 5 pounds. You could go down a size but I like the fact it’s slouchy and over sized. Outfit Details [Read more…]

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Oct 252017
A Pink Dress

I hope you catch me on Cityline today at 9 am. I’m going to be talking about dressing with confidence while wearing this great pink dress. Outfit Details – Dress, Joseph Ribkoff  (find a store and explore here)|| Shoes, Prada || Handbag, Chanel

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Oct 202017
Grey & Pink

Grey & Pink aren’t the immediate colour palette that come to mind when we think of fall colours. However, when an outfit comes together like this you wear it and you smile. Grey jeans are a great denim option and they can be just as challenging to find as blue jeans. These DH3 from Mark’s [Read more…]

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Sep 202017
Button Front Skirt

I have been looking for a leather/faux leather midi skirt for a while and this one from Zara is perfect. This button front skirt is classic but in the faux leather it can be more. I always like more, I always want more. Outfit Details – Skirt, Zara (similar here, here; similar idea here & here) || [Read more…]

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Sep 112017
Morning Glory Pants & a Night Out

These pants are called Morning Glory Pants. I didn’t buy them for the name but I would have. Outfit Details: Pants, Ann Taylor (Canada here, US here) || Top, Ann Taylor (Canada here, US here) || Shoes, Manolo Blahnik (similar here) The weather might be cooling down but there is still lots of time to [Read more…]

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Jul 102017
Stripes & Red

It’s summer and that means blue and white stripes. Blue and white is one of my favourite colour combinations because your third colour can be almost anything. Today my added colour is red. Stripes & Red. Now I am going to apologize about the top. It is sold out. I bought it in May and [Read more…]

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Jun 302017
Red for Canada

Canada is celebrating a birthday this Saturday – 150 years. My family and I have a few things planned (but it’s supposed to really rain all weekend so a few things could change). In homage to Canada Day I’m pulling out my favourite wide leg red pants. Hoping everyone has a great weekend and Happy [Read more…]

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Jun 222017
Bikini Ready

The perfect little black dress for this summer season – off the shoulder and pockets. Plus it’s cotton, perfect for hot weather. Dress it up or down. I’ll be wearing this a lot. Outfit Details – Dress, Ann Taylor (here) || Shoes, Ann Taylor (old, love these) Most of you know that I also am [Read more…]

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May 222017
The Perfect Jacket - Reiss, Rebecca

This is the perfect jacket for me. It is impeccably tailored, can be dressed up and down and is a classic silhouette. That’s the thing about Reiss, they have great jackets. Oh and blazers. I love their blazers. Yes, these are pearl embellished jeans! Outfit Details – Jacket, Reiss (here); Jeans, Banana Republic (here & here); Shoes, [Read more…]

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