Oct 062014
collection pant

I have noticed that there are so many pant options right now and we all know I’ve been a little obsessed with traditional culottes and now these J.Crew Collection Pant, which are a cropped wide leg trouser. Starting out nice and slow with this sartorial choice. I had to beat Tracy to the punch and [Read more…]

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Sep 292014
culottes for work

I had every intention of posting more last week, but it was just one of those weeks – bee sting, goose egg, asthma like symptoms and a personal loss. That was all by Tuesday. On Wednesday I’ll be on Cityline and I wanted to give you a sneak peak into one of my outfits – [Read more…]

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Sep 102014
Texture and some more texture.

I have been featuring lots of midi skirts, today I’m going back to my roots. A simple and chic outfit featuring a textured pencil skirt and a great v-neck sweater. When selecting pieces for your wardrobe you’re not always going to be wearing the latest trends – basics are your foundation.   Some women may [Read more…]

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Mar 212014
#WMCFW - Fashion Week

I didn’t get to many shows this season – so far none. #WMCFW fail. The stomach sickness has followed us this week. I was able to get to the Clarins event and I was introduced to their Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster (self tanner). I wore the most comfortable and chic pleated pants. Yes I actually [Read more…]

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Dec 102013
Black & Camel Coat - Werk

Last week I stated my love for Club Monaco’s Winter/Holiday collection. This camel coat was purchased on Black Friday. It is Camel perfection, down to the detail on the arms. No bells or whistles here, just great fit and cut. Another over looked destination is Express. This gold dot sweater reminds me of something I [Read more…]

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Dec 092013
Mad about a Plaid Suit

A few weeks ago I had a major (to me) networking event and obviously I thought about what I was going to wear, then inspiration hit – a plaid suit. When I bought the matching blazer for my plaid pants wearing a plaid suit didn’t seem like a big deal, interesting but not a rebel [Read more…]

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Nov 272013
Layers - Dress & Shirt

It was a windy day, hence the deer in headlights crazy look in my eyes. Honestly these were the best of the bunch pictures. Now the bare leg issue – with it snowing as I type this I don’t think nude nylons are the worst thing in the world. I vote them back in style, [Read more…]

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Nov 252013
White Shirt 1

Sorry for the boring title, I spent 3 hours Sunday (early morning) at the ER. My oldest son got his first set of stitches (my two youngest are pros). We were at a wedding and my boys were having a great time and then the oldest needed stitches, I mean the details are what happens [Read more…]

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Oct 162013
Mad About Plaid

Plaid is a huge trend this season and I couldn’t resist these pants. I have several plaid pieces in my closet but no plaid pants, now I’ve got that covered. I wore this outfit for a meeting, I thought it was professional but fun. Blazer, J. Crew old (similar here). Pants, Banana Republic (US here). [Read more…]

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Oct 092013

Some of you who read my blog regularly may wonder why I have roots again. Well this picture was taken a few weeks ago and I’m just getting to posting it…I’m behind on my blog just like in real life. These blue pants were a great purchase and I love wearing them with these brightly [Read more…]

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